Monday, 27 May 2013

Preparing the Flat for our First Social Worker Visit to our Flat

This reminds me of preparations made to have the parents over for the first time. The garden has been tidied and strimmed, the new bathroom has been finished and our plants have been watered. It all of course feels a bit unbalanced to put the flat's "best face on". It is as though we are trying to give the impression of our permanent domestic efficiency.

Other anxieties are in our minds as well. Will they think that having a cleaner (if they find out) makes us too middle class? (or too lazy to be effective parents?) Alternatively will the fact that we live a former council flat in a large estate, make us appear insufficiently settled and prosperous? I am sure that social workers are too broad minded to think any of this but it is odd to record the little things you worry about.

Wish us luck or otherwise


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